Metal Roof Maintenance Tips: Extend Your Roofs Lifespan


Every roof is a huge investment. While the roof is in good shape, proper maintenance will not only extend its longevity, it will also protect your home, and help you and your family enjoy a comfortable living space. Of all the different types of roofs, the metal ones have one of the longest lifespans. Below are several tips that should help you extend its use.

Here Are the Tips for Maintaining Metal Roofing

Regular Inspection

The first step to effective metal roofing maintenance is, of course, a regular inspection. This will help you prevent many costly issues, like dents, leaks, various scratches, degradation, corrosion, etc. Any of these issues, if not attended to, can damage the property and require expensive repairs. Regular inspection can easily prevent them, resulting in expenses that are smaller compared to waiting for these issues to happen.

Clearing Debris

Debris on your roof is inevitable, no matter where you live. However, if you are in a highly wooded area, the rate of debris creation is incredibly quicker. Dirt, leaves, branches - anything can end up on your roof and start creating problems if not removed on time. And while heavy rain can often clear the roof, most of this debris ends up in the gutter system, which causes additional damage. To keep your roof clear from obstructions, and to avoid any metal roofing repair, regular check-ups are a must.

Handling Vegetation

This is connected with the previous point. If you have plenty of trees around your house, another cause of roof damage can be the tree branches. As they scratch your roof panels, they leave cuts, dents, and other types of imperfections. With time, they start to affect the overall roof's resistance. To avoid this type of damage to your metal roofs, trimming your trees is of high importance.


Gutter Maintenance

As we mentioned, any time you leave debris to be washed away from the roof, your gutter system suffers. The clogs in the gutters don't allow the water to flow naturally, therefore creating an environment for metal corrosion, or even pests to infiltrate near your property. And while going up on the ladder to remove the debris is not for everyone, installing gutter guards might be the last resort before calling the professionals.

Addressing Rust and Corrosion

Rust, or corrosion, is one of the common causes of metal roof repair. Often, vented appliances can help degrade the roof's paint, leaving corrosion on its panels. Keeping different metals from touching can help avoid corrosion. If you notice rust spots, use a clean cloth and cleanser to gently scrub them. After getting rid of most of it, using a hose, rinse off the created debris. In the cases where there is corrosion from the rust, sanding the rust slot, followed by a metal primer, should stop future rusting.

Sealant and Coating

Enhancing the protection and longevity of the metal roof often results from how the panels are connected. Materials around solar panels, chimneys, solar panels, skylights, or air vents can degrade due to sunlight, become loose, and allow moisture to leak between the gaps and into your home. So, when you ask for metal roof services, the team will check your roof flashing, paint, and chemical exposure.

Snow and Ice Removal

This is a straightforward one. Any time there is a snowstorm, you’ll need to sweep the snow off the roof (a long-handled broom, brush, or stick should do the job). Just make sure to avoid using metal tools, as those can easily scrape the roof's protective coating.

Storm Damage Repair

Storm damages are never a fun thing. As the home's exterior is under constant exposure to elements, you want it to be intact. It is just normal to want the roof to stay intact as well. So, fortification is the answer. If you can, spend a bit of extra money so you can secure the roof with extra nails and flashing.


Insulating Your Metal Roof

When metal roofing is prepared, proper insulation can go a long way. Having adequate insulation will not only increase performance and extend its lifespan but also save you money for energy costs. Plus, you will love the noise reduction that is an alternative effect of all this. Make your home a quiet and cozy space by having proper metal roof insulation.

Hiring Professional Maintenance Services

Home maintenance is never an easy job or process. take time, nerves, and money. But, when it comes to your metal roof, all that can be minimized by regular inspection, or having professionals take care of the maintenance process. Chicago Roofing has been in the business for many years now, providing highly professional services in many areas. Offering sturdy and attractive metal roofing, they make sure your wishes, as well as money value, is of the highest priority. With prompt and professional installation or maintenance, no issue is left unresolved.