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Cedar Shake Roofing in Chicago, Illinois

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Cedar Shake Roof Installation Specialists in Chicago, IL

Cedar shake roofing is the preferred choice for homeowners who want a premium roofing system with rustic and tailored aesthetics. Cedar shake roofs do not just look but also provide quality protection for your home. For over 200 years, cedar has grown in popularity due to its appearance and versatility.

The cedar shakes are made of natural cedar materials typically cut into two-foot sections. Each section is then hand split to where they have a gradually tapered thickness. This method also gives the shake its curvy texture, which adds to its appeal. You can choose from three types: taper sawn (which resembles shingles), medium split, and heavy split.

Chicago Roofing Company is pros in all types of cedar roofing services in Chicago. After providing a free, complete inspection and estimate, we schedule a meeting to review those documents and the type of cedar shake you select.

Advantages of Cedar Roofs

  • A cedar shake roof can do wonders for your home's exterior aesthetic. Its divergent tones and unique texture pair well with architectural styles – from rustic to modern.


  • Cedar shakes protect against cold or heat. They keep drafts out and trap warm air inside during the winter, and prevent heat from settling in during the summer.


  • Cedar shakes can resist heavy downpours, snowstorms, and even winds up to 245 miles per hour.
  • Although cedar may be lightweight, it lasts for 30 to 60 years with little maintenance required.
  • Cedar shakes add to the value of your home–both for its curb appeal and structural integrity.

Cedar Wood Shingles Vs Cedar Wood Shakes

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are differences between cedar shakes and cedar shingles.


The first trait you’ll notice is that shingles have a smooth surface, compared to shakes, which results from being split by a saw.


Also, they’re classified differently. As mentioned, there are three types of shakes, but shingles come in three different grades which include Grade 3, Grade 2 (best for replacement or starting the roof), and Grade 1 (premium).


Because the shakes are cut by hand, they are thicker and consequently more durable than shingles. However, unlike shingles they can’t lay flat and require a felt paper that’s installed in between courses of shakes which keeps the moisture out.

Type Of Cedar Shake Roof, We Offer

Red cedar roofing

Red cedar is best known for its low rates of expansion and permeability which means the shake or shingle will hold its shape for years to come.


Plus, they offer excellent durability against heavy rain and wind while adding another layer of insulation against heat and cold.

White cedar shingles

White cedar offers resistance to rot and insects due to the oils contained in the bark. Moreover, this roofing material offers extra insulation to help maintain the interior temperature of your home.
Another interesting aspect of white cedar is that you can leave it untreated and expect a 20-year lifespan.

Why Choose Us For Cedar Shake Roof?

We have years of combined experience and are ready to do what it takes to help you finish your cedar shake project. We can work on any type of cedar shake and can help you find the cedar shake solution that is going to work best for you. Our cedar shake installation service is dedicated to ensuring that you are happy with every step of the process and that you are happy with the completed project as well.


We are dedicated and want to do all that we can to help you make sure you are happy with your cedar shake, with the job that we have done, and that you are happy with the final outcome of the project. We want our customers to be satisfied with the entire process and we will work to ensure that you are.


Contact us today about your cedar shake project to find out more and get a quote on your project total.

Our Process

Step 1:

Contact us for a free estimate, we guaranteed you to show up on time.

Step 2:

Receive a detailed estimate along with a video inspection of your project.

Step 3:

Schedule your project to get your roofing done with the industry experts.


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