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Roofing Replacement in Chicago, Illinois

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Roof Replacement Company in Chicago, IL

If you’ve just had a severe hailstorm or experienced high winds in your area, you might need a roof replacement. Often, these occurrences often result in missing shingles, dented metal, or broken tiles. In some cases, you might have concerns about the trusses or even the overall structural integrity of your roof after it’s taken a beating from the elements. Worse yet, you have leaks, and your ceiling is peeling or bowing. At that point, you’ll be searching for reliable, affordable residential roofers like Chicago Roofing Company to obtain an estimate and get your replacement underway.

When Is A Good Time To Replace Your Roof?

Unfortunately, any of the previously mentioned catastrophes can happen without warning. However, you don’t have to wait for a disaster to occur before you decide to search for the ideal roof contractor. In fact, you can plan ahead to have your roof replacement completed with the least amount of risk for mishaps. For instance, early summer gives a roofing crew the best opportunity to avoid rain and high humidity—two factors that can negatively affect the process of roof replacement. Plus, the warmer, dry temperatures allow for proper adhesion of the tar strips.

Early fall also presents an opportunity for residential roofers to work all day with cooler temperatures and less intense sun. Nonetheless, whatever time of year, you can consult with Chicago Roofing Company 
for a free, written estimate and to schedule your replacement.

Type Of Roof Replacement Service in Chicago

Roof Replacement Contractors in Chicago, IL

As you’re searching for experienced roof replacement contractors who are bonded, you might consider calling Chicago Roofing Company. Aside from the traits mentioned above, We are specially trained and knowledgeable roofers give attention to the smallest details which is why they can guarantee a structurally sound and visually attractive result. After all, you would want a contractor who knows what to look for when determining if commercial & residential roof replacement is the next step and if so, what type of materials work best with your structure and design.


As an illustration of this type of professionalism, we responds quickly and can set up a time to conduct a free inspection of your roof at your convenience. Once we described the damages to you, we can write up an estimate that outlines the scope of the work for the project and the exact steps we’ll take along the way in addition to the total cost. Along with stellar craftsmanship, our team provides transparency in our pricing and consistent communication during the process.

Our Process

Step 1:

Contact us for a free estimate, we guaranteed you to show up on time.

Step 2:

Receive a detailed estimate along with a video inspection of your project.

Step 3:

Schedule your project to get your roofing done with the industry experts.

Replacement Services We Offer


Additionally, Chicago Roofing Company has a variety of roof replacement options to choose from. The most popular, and often the least expensive, include several tones and types of shingles such as the traditional three-tabs, dimensional, and luxury shingles which add more depth and texture to your roof’s surface.

Our other choices include:


 Metal panels which involve less maintenance, more durability, and increased energy efficiency
 Clay or concrete tiles which are fire resistant, long-lasting, and eco-friendly
 EPDM which applies to flat roofing only and is easy to maintain and repair


Whatever you choose as the outer layer of your roof replacement, you can rest assured of the quality since we select from the best brands in the roofing material.

Why Chicago Roofing Company as Your Roof Replacement Contractors?

Chicago Roofing Company presents the prime choice among all the roof replacement companies in Chicago. We give you a no-commitment, free written estimate of your roof replacement cost, and the choice of the finest, most durable surface materials. Plus, we honor our warranties in the event of unexpected damage. Remember that you can call Chicago Roofing Company 24/7 when an emergency occurs, and your roof needs immediate attention.

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4222 N Keystone Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, United States








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The majority of people in our county live either outside of the city or in the suburbs - hence in a house as opposed to an apartment. With almost four decades of experience in the matter, we offer a full range of roofing works!


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We are open: Mon-Sat: 7 am - 5 pm

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