5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof

damaged roof

The roof is one of the most essential things that protects your home. If it is in good shape, it protects the whole house from water and element exposure. However, over time, signs of its failure may become evident. When significant issues like a lot of water damage or the roof starting to fall apart happen, you need to pay attention and do something about it.

Thus, proactively spotting potential indications that it is time for roof replacement can help you save hundreds of dollars and prevent possible injuries or other hazards. Always be vigilant when trying to keep your place in proper condition, as it adds up to the resale value of the place and keeps you protected. Below are the five signs that show it is time for roof replacement.

Signs for Roof Replacement

Signs for Roof Replacement

The following are some signs you should take preventive measures against to resolve any problem based on these critical indicators quickly. It will ensure that your home is viable, safe, and secure and, in turn, save you from inevitable costly expenses.

1. Age of the Roof:

One of the conditions you must consider when determining your roof's condition is age. The lifespan of every material can vary, but you should start thinking about a new roof in 15-20 years. Roofs usually last longer than this mark, except for a few repairs after a decade or two. Some lifespans of certain roofing materials are as follows:

  • Asphalt shingles in Chicago last 10-20 years.
  • A metal roof lasts 30-50 years with few repairs.
  • Clay tiles in Chicago last around 40 years.

If your roof is over 30 years old, you must replace it soon. The experienced contractors from Chicago Roofing Company can estimate the state of your material and provide you with the best advice concerning the protection of your home.

2. Missing or Damaged Shingles:

That is a major red flag if your roof shows signs of problems. Specifically, missing shingles leave your house vulnerable to rain and snow. Shingles curled or twisted, cracked, or absent are signs that the structural integrity of your roof is compromised, making your household susceptible to water damage.

With time, worn-out shingles deteriorate and are more exposed to the elements. Ignoring these early signs can lead to your house’s leakage and eventual water damage, emphasizing the need to act quickly on signs of roof damage.

3. Water Leaks and Stains:

If there are water stains on your ceiling or walls, it is clear evidence that you have a leaking roof requiring immediate intervention. The presence of brown spots, peeling paint, or sagging drywall may indicate possible water infiltration, requiring a comprehensive search of the primary problem.

Leaks can result from various reasons, including broken flashing, damaged shingles, or just an old roof. Although inevitable leaks could be easily rectified, reoccurring or widespread leaks will indicate that your roof is beyond its workable lifetime and must be replaced to prevent further water damage and retain its job of maintaining the structural foundation.

4. Sagging or Drooping Roof:

Another warning indicating the need for immediate attention is the roof deck sagging. If you notice a visible sag in your roof, the problem may lie within your home’s roof deck. A sagging roof may also indicate damage caused by prolonged water exposure, accumulated snow, or a compromised roof porch.

In addition to being unpleasant, a sagging roof is a safety and stability hazard to the remainder of your home. To determine the scope of the damage or to find the root cause with a new roof, you should contact a quality roofer immediately.

5. Increased Energy Bills:

Although most people do not consider high energy bills to be a sign of roofing problems, the two are closely related, and high energy bills could indicate issues with your roof insulation.

High energy bills are a significant red flag of possible roof leaks, poor ventilation, or weak insulation’s inability to absorb heat due to damage. Moreover, if your energy bill experiences a sudden rise, more than usual, the roof needs replacement to restore your home's energy efficiency.


To conclude, paying attention to symptoms signaling the necessity of roof replacement is essential to keep your home safe and intact. Early intervention can save you money on hefty unexpected fees and protect your house, whether it is the roof’s age, missing shingles, water leakage, sagging elements, or high energy bills.

Trust the Chicago Roofing Company to help you assess the roof’s status and give sound suggestions for the best home care and safety.