Roof Restoration vs Roof Replacement: Which One Do You Need

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Roofing services in Chicago can be a very important investment. Your roof is fighting against sun, rain, and hail daily, so it is normal for some maintenance to be done occasionally. As roof aging is a normal process, certain damages can occur, possibly affecting the roof's structural integrity. As Chicago residential roofing can be either repaired or replaced, it is all about the problem at hand. Repairing will entail patching or fixing a small issue, while if the issue is of a larger scale, a complete restoration might be needed. Residential roofers in Chicago have seen both cases, so read below to better understand both cases and when one is preferred over the other.


Difference Between Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement

A roof restoration happens when there is a roof transformation. This process increases the roof's lifespan and gives the house a new look. A roof restoration includes repairing or replacing broken or missing metal or tiles, cleaning, priming, and sealing, as well as coating the roof with a formulated protective membrane and a brand-new paint color, delivering a total roof makeover.


A roof replacement works on a larger scale. Being more expensive than a roof restoration, it involves complete roof removal, battens replacement, new framing where needed, as well as the installation of a brand-new tiled or metal roofing system.


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Examine Roof's Condition: Signs of Restoration or Replacement

But then the question arises, how would you know what is really happening, and when the signs are serious? The below guide should be of help:


Paintwork degradation

If you start noticing the paintwork is peeling, that means things have started deteriorating and the roof might not be in its best condition. Any more serious case might mean the roof is having a hard time keeping your home safe from the outside elements, which if not treated on time, might be pretty costly.


Water damage

It is normal to expect a solid roof that will protect you from any bad weather. However, water will always find its way inside if there is one. This will lead to moisture, later resulting in dark spots and leaking.


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Tile cracks and holes in tiles

Replacing roof tiles whenever one is cracked or broken will ensure ongoing protection of the home from harsh weather. This is important, as one damaged tile is enough for water to enter your home, affecting insulation and causing ceilings or walls to blister.


Damaged elements

Something that will help you push any restoration moments further is doing regular maintenance to anything connected to the roof, from room valleys to gutters or downpipes. The same goes for the material around vents, chimneys, or pipes.



As with everything else, roofs age as well. Trees, weather, and moisture, all affect its ability to do its job, leading to degradation. It is expected for a roof to keep on going for 20-25 years, yet, as the years go by, certain repairs might be needed.


The Benefits of Roof Restoration: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solution

As restoration involves only resurfacing the existing roof, the labor and materials in need are far less compared to roof replacement. The original room lifespan should be 20-25 years, but with restoration, you could easily add another 10-15 years. Plus, when doing restoration, you do not remove the existing roof; you just add it on top of it, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.


When to Opt for Roof Replacement: Severe Damages and Structural Issues

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Roof replacement is needed when you know roof restoration won't cut it - for the roof not to collapse or provoke massive leaking. After all, if your roof is older than 20+ years, a replacement option should be on the table. Dark streaks, moss, mold, bald spots, cracked or curled shingles, all these factors are great pointers that maybe it is time for your roof to be replaced.


Considering the Costs: Comparing the Expenses of Restoration and Replacement

When it comes to the cost associated with these processes, multiple factors can affect the price. Home location, roof size, materials, supplies needed, and removal fees are just a few of the common ones. Restoration generally involves repairing and preserving the existing structure or item, which can be more cost-effective than a full replacement. However, replacement may be necessary for severely damaged or outdated items.


Consulting with Roofing Contractor with Experience

No matter if you decide on roof restoration or roof replacement, this is not something that should fall under the DIY section. With many possible risks and hazards, you want to find a skilled roofing contractor that will understand your needs. Roofing and Pergola is an experienced commercial and residential roofing company that, through an array of replacement and retrofitting options, will make sure you are given the best treatment. From great customer service to quick call-backs and superb professionalism, Roofing and Pergola will take care of your Chicago home like it's their own. Plus, just so you can sleep tight, they offer a warranty for their work, and that is something more and more valuable.